Under the leadership of Chief Minister, Mandalay Regional Government, Smoke-free Bagan project was initiated in 2014.  During mid-2013, earthquake had damaged a lot of temples and pagodas. Initial campaigns for initiating smoke-free temples and pagodas were installed for some period. During the review of smoke-free initiatives of 9 Regions and States on 29-30 January 2019, the proposal from the District Administration of Bagan/Nyaung Oo to make the national Heritage city of Bagan to be smoke-free was discussed and approved. SEATCA and PHF have provided seed grant for the establishing smoke-free ancient city Bagan.

Launch of Smoke-free National Heritage Places in Bagan

Yangon, 14-15 February 2019: The People’s Health Foundation (PHF), in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Sports, organized launching ceremony of smoke-free national heritage places in Bagan, an ancient City in the middle of Myanmar, together with 2 days advocacy meetings with local organizers and volunteers.  After a 2 days orientation and advocacy training held at the Office of the Township General Administration Department (GAD), Bagan/NyaungOo Township, on 14-15 February 2019, the launch of the smoke-free campaigns at 4 famous temples (Ananda, Thatbin-nyu, Htilo-Minlo, and Shwezigon) was organized with full involvement of temple trustees, volunteers, and officials from the Ministry of Culture and GAD.

Senior Staff of the Ministry of Health and Sports and the Executive Members of the People’s Health Foundation provided the training/briefing as resource speakers. 

BAGAN is one of the most wonderful and richest archeological sites even in Asia where many histories, temples and pagodas are at present a total of 3837. For initial months in 2019, campaigns for smoke-free at 16 famous temples and the Cultural Museum of Bagan, will be organized. It will be further expanded hotels, motels, inns, restaurants, government offices, schools and all public transport vehicles, to be smoke-free, with an ultimate aim of smokefree Bagan within 3 years.

Photo; Smoke-free Banner at Shwezigone Pagoda, Bagan