Guidelines on the protection from exposure to tobacco smoke

At its second session in July 2007, the Conference of the Parties (COP) adopted guidelines for implementation of Article 8 of the WHO FCTC on protection from exposure to tobacco smoke (decision FCTC/COP2(7)).

Smoke-Free Toolkit: Implementing FCTC Article 8 Guidelines: This toolkit is designed as a training module aiming to build the capacity and confidence of the smoke-free focal persons in different government and non-government organizations, and equip them with the basic knowledge, skills and tools to strengthen the implementation of FCTC Article 8 guidelines in their cities, states, and provinces. It includes application of the seven principles of the FCTC Article 8 Guidelines; 
assessing the different smoke-free settings in the law and discuss how these settings compare 
with the standard definition; identifying and applying the key elements in the smoke-free campaign by using the smoke-free 
meter; defining compliance and enforcement; identifying the duties and responsibilities of the organizations in the working group; identifying the enforcement mechanism and apply the 10 steps in making a city smoke-free as well as learning using the social media in strengthening the campaign and the network.

Smoke-free Index: Implementation of Article 8 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: This SEATCA Smoke-free Index describes the implementation of the seven principles of WHO FCTC Article 8 in the ASEAN region. It is intended to assist Parties in meeting their obligations under Article 8 of the FCTC. It contains agreed statement of principles and definitions of relevant terms, and identifies measures needed to achieve effective protection from the hazards of exposure second-hand tobacco smoke including enforcement, monitoring and evaluation. The summary of smoke-free settings (indoor and outdoor) based primarily on the national law including the notifications, regulations, amendments are included.