PHF has been always in contact and collaboration with the international health development partners, international and national NGOs, by sharing its experiences, having joint planning and implementation, exchanging expertise.

The Foundation has mobilized its own financial resources, from internal and external donors, for implementing the health development activities.  The foundation has negotiated with national and international agencies, private foundations, private entrepreneurs, regional network partners and alliances, etc., to get finance on initial capital and current outlays, and also find various ways and means to get more resources for health development activities.

Fig: International Collaboration

As of March, 2017, the Foundation has Kyat 173 million in local currency account and USD 93,400/- in foreign currency account.

PHF has its own financial policy and procedures adopted by the Executive Board since September, 2013. These procedures have been reviewed periodically in order to fit in with the current situation. According to this policy, annual auditing was done by both internal and external auditors.

In January 2015, PHF has donated Kyat 30 lakhs to the University of Community Health, Magwe, in order to establish a fellowship trust fund. Four students have been benefitted from this study grant.

Study tours to Thailand and Philippines for Parliamentarians and Senior Officials of the Ministries related to tobacco control have been arranged in 2016, 2017 and 2018, with support from SEATCA and CTFK.

Study tours to Japan on training of radiographers and radiologists on mammogram were arranged with support from MJCP, Okayama University, and Mediva, Japan, during 2016 and 2017.