Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) under its annual health development plan expands the deployment of new midwives to work at newly sanctioned sub-rural health centres (Sub-RHC) in various townships, according to the priority list set by the MoH in consultation with the respective Regional and State Governments and Regional Health Departments.  Some villages that have been given in the priority list, but the new sanctions could not be done due to various reasons. PHF, in consultation with the MoHS, Regional Governments, and Regional Health Departments, had initially selected FIVE villages in Magwe Region in early 2015, and established new sub-rural health centres by deploying midwives (newly trained or retired).

The local people from these villages were grateful for this initiative. They themselves provided necessary land and building for the new sub-RHCs. By September 2015, with the support of Taw Win Family Foundation (Kyat 518 lakhs), PHF has been able to deploy necessary staff, and provided appropriate sub-RHC equipment and medicines.  Similar establishment of one Sub-RHC in each pilot rural health project areas (Nwa-to-gyi and Phyu) was also undertaken with support from Sein-kyu Foundation.  Once the MoHS absorbs these centres as regular sub-RHCs part of their expansion plan, PHF would move the program to other needy places.